Thursday, June 14, 2007

FIRST POST / kanduii report!!!

For starters here's a report from Greg Hunt who is teamrider and a boat guide in the Mentawi's this year on the Aileoita outta the Kandui Island Resort

Greetings from the tropics,

Hello everyone,Sorry its taken me so long to do a surf report.Well I got lucky on this one...The last trip I guided was especially for surfline with Tom Rezvan and the No Fear team of pros..It was the biggest Mentawais ever....It was insane..I need to cut this one short but special thanks to Shawn Ambrose and Ambrose surfboards,"Rezzy" and the No fear team,Sabastian for all the killer shots,Josh Shedding for the insane video,SKM and Jordan and Aii Heuer for making all of this possible.My reports will be posted here at the Ambrose Surfboards website . For questions and answers you can e-mail me at

Till next time,

Ps.I have more photos and will include them in an upcoming report ,for now here is a shot of the boat with a prime parking spot,an epic day at lances and your friendly guide(me) gettin one for himself!!

check this link for some video footage of the swell,there is a wave of mine at the end as well as a nice wahoo i caught ( checkit it's still twitchin)


Unknown said...

hey uncle shawn. hows it going? its me Gavin and your dad (sitting on the couch, very nice website!)

Unknown said...

cool pictures too!