Thursday, September 27, 2007


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ambrose surfboards is exited to announce the addition of our newest teamrider:

Madison Joan Ambrose

born: 9/24/07

stats : 19 1/2 inches 7lbs 10 oz

stance : I think shes gonna be a goofyfoot like mom AND dad

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JSouth said...


Little Maddie is so cute. Even cuter in person.

Andy and I are so happy for you and Mama Heather!!!

J.P. said...

Yay babies!

Dave said...

Shawn, Congrats! My Daughter Bella just turned 1 on Feb. 24th and we have another on the way! We have the grom situation dialed, bro!

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Artisan Surf Designs
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(Custom Board Bags by Melissa)
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Carlsbad, CA 92008
(Located on the side of Legends Surf Shop)

Dave said...

I had to post again... seeing as the one that was on the way has the same birthday as Maddie! Eden Clara Victoria Falkenau was born on Sept. 24, 2008!